2012 VW GTi SQ Build by Bing

2012 VW GTi SQ Build by Bing

Simplicity in Sound
879 Ames Ave
Milpitas, California 95035

This install was performed and documented by Bing at Simplicity in Sound in California. The following is a repost of his original article.


Purely out of coincidence, the car that i chose to do my first all illusion build was perfectly suited for them…a brand spanking new 2012 MKVI GTI…

There are two reasons why the new Gti is perfect.

1. there is VERY little clearance behind the oem midbass location. a plastic frame limits mounting depth severely, and you cannot cut it on the account that it is also the anchoring point for the window track. there is also very little space between the metal door panel and the grill on the plastic door card. what this means is that with most good aftermarket midbasses, you are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard space, space it enough to clear the basket behind the speaker, and you risk hitting the surround against the plastic door grille. i believe there are a few members who have experienced this very problem. a cheap shallow midbass can work, but they hardly have the performance we are all looking for.

2. the spare tire well in late model VWs is a donut shaped, with a raised center section. this again limits the depth of the subwoofer. if i wanted to build a fake floor with no raising of the oem height, the entire subwoofer, both mounting depth, AND thickness of the flange and the excursion of the surround, has to be around 4.5″ or so…now, if you think about it, most flat subs are still 3.5″ or so deep, add thickness of flange and excursion of the surround, you are talking about close to 4.5-5″ of total space. that works but since the SI BM is no longer avaiable, i have found the output and extension of most flat subs to be lacking…this is why i normally would do a side mounted box in this car.

Well, as you will see, Illusion Audio is the perfect answer to both of those issues.

so lets get started…


1. Achieve a good level of SQ, this is a daily driver, but will compete occasionally at a few events around the area.

2. maintain a low key look inside the cabin

3. build a fully stealth fake floor with zero space taken up, durable but have a lil flash to highlight the products.



So..thats it… the important question is…how do they sound?

One word: AWESOME!!!

Going into it, i was a bit worried about the metallic dome on the tweeter…to be honest i have never heard a set of metal dome tweeters i liked…but i can no longer claim that!

Right out of the box, the set can best be described as natural…there is NOT AN OUNCE OF HARSHNESS in it…to be honest, they remind me a lot of how my beloved Seas Lotus Reference sound out of the box, airy, smooth, realistic…without even much tuning. the midbass is nice and full of impact, a definite improvement compared to the originals, with good natural extension down to 60hz in this car. midrange is nice and smooth, and the highs, again, the highs are just really really really nice and realistic…

It’s very odd because i stare at the shiny metal domes and i keep on thinking they should sound a certain way, but they don’t sound like that at all.

I barely had an hour of tuning time on it and the stage is nice and high, good width, very good depth IMO, the center is stable but i need to play with it a lil more tomorrow to get it more focused…

The subwoofer ALSO IMPRESSED me a lot…it had really good extension, on the RTA it was flat down to literally 20hz in the car…with no real bumps and valleys…it was fast, blended really well with the music, and the output is no joke…in fact, if no one told me what it was in there, i would have guessed a full sized decent output 10″ at the very least…perhaps a jl 10w6 or IDQ10V3…it certainly does NOT sound like a shallow sub…

I played some old school hiphop and it ruffled my hair and shook the mirror without any straining and odd noises…and keeping in mind its taking a full 700 watts!

In fact, i would say very low distortion seems to be a theme on both the C6 and the C12…just so controlled…

So keeping in mind these are just my initial impressions, i am already really really happy with these….with more playing time and experience, i have a feeling they will become one of my new favorite go to products in future builds. their unique design really lends itself to the kind of build that i like to do…

I am really happy Illusion Audio is back, and i am ecstatic that for once, an old school brand is back even better than before!

Now, there are some unique design factors incorporated into these products…but i am like an anti-tech geek, so i am not going to even attempt to explain them…i will have Nick come here and chime in on this thread…and explain why they sound so darn good!

In fact, the Illusion Audio stuff sounded so good that even Minion seemed to love it!