Matt’s Dodge Viper

Matt’s Dodge Viper


Matt Schaefer, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics

14508B Lee Rd. Chantilly, VA 20151




Illusion Audio Carbon C10



“The main focus of the installation was to upgrade the subwoofer from the OEM 6” Woofer enclosure. I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to use the Illusion c10. So thats exactly what we did. I removed the OEM enclosure and started with a stacked birch enclosure. I used chose birch wood on this car because it was a convertible and I knew moisture would be an issue.  The enclosure was then tapped with ez-lok 1/4-20 threads and brackets were made to bolt the enclosure to the car. This ensured a secure mount for the enclosure to the car.

The OEM panel was then cut and modified. A new grill was made to replicate the design that was there previously. I hand made 1/4″ aluminum rings that attached to the new grilles that were fabricated. I designed the Illusion C10’s magnet to protrude through the opening of the grill and was finished off with an aluminum ring for accent. The finished panel was then molded and fiberglassed and finished off with poly primer before its final vinyl wrap. The entire panel bolted back in from OEM locations and barely took up much more space than the factory.

I was thrilled with the performance and bass response of the c10 in this application. I also loved how the design came together. It was reserved but included a lot of detail. Thanks for the great product!” -Matt